Risotto, a classic Italian dish, has become a symbol of Italian haute cuisine in restaurants throughout the world and evokes the image of sophisticated, refined Italian cuisine.

Riso Gallo’s mission has always been to spread the culture of risotto worldwide. To celebrate a dish that was first created over two centuries ago and is a symbol of Italian haute cuisine worldwide, the company has published the Gallo Guide since 1998. A collection of “risotto masterpieces” created by the best chefs, the guide has become a valuable tool for anyone who wants to savour the creativity of Italian cuisine by visiting the highly exclusive restaurants where risotto is the undisputed star of the show.

A real journey to discover rice that begins in Northern Italy and winds its way around the whole country before it crosses borders to reach all the continents. Each chef includes their own exclusive risotto recipe in the guide. The latest editions of this valuable book have gained international recognition: it is bilingual (Italian and English) and also includes several famous foreign restaurants.

The Gallo Guide is available from bookshops in major cities throughout Italy and on the Riso Gallo online shop.

Gallo Guide